Matt Daigle

Graphic designer

Graphic designer and cartoonist Matt Daigle was recently in the spotlight after winning Mothering Magazine’s international breastfeeding-logo competition. His logo, designating public areas where breastfeeding mothers are welcome to relax, was chosen from more than 500 entries—an appropriate honor for him, as he’s currently a stay-at-home dad for son Hayden. Daigle was born Deaf and raised in a hearing family; his schooling was mainstreamed. He attended NTID/RIT (SVP ’90), and received his B.A. (cum laude) in Advertising Design from Northern State University, Aberdeen, South Dakota. His graphic designs include a striking signing-fireworks poster for Kentucky’s DeaFestival 2006, the scenic logo for Washington Relay Service, “and can be seen in a trail of T-shirts across the country.” He, wife Kay, and their young son Hayden live in Sioux Falls.

Photo courtesy of Matt Daigle

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