Shelley Beattie

Champion bodybuilder

Best known in her role as Siren on the original American Gladiators TV series (1992-1996) and the Orlando live show (which opened in December 1995), Shelley Beattie was also the world handcar-racing champion and a renowned bodybuilder. She placed third in the 1992 Ms. Olympia competition—her best ranking. Despite her fame, she remained unpretentious, warm, and friendly. Of her achievements, she was proudest of being a member of the all-women America3 (America Cubed) crew that competed in the 1995 America’s Cup yacht race. Ultimately, she left the high-pressure worlds of professional competition and Hollywood, returning to her native Oregon, living on a farm, raising livestock and rehabilitating injured animals, working as a caregiver to disabled patients. Around that time, Beattie was diagnosed with bipolar disorder—the old term is “manic depression”—characterized by rapid mood swings and feelings of rage and hopelessness—a condition she had struggled with for a long time. Under a doctor’s care in a psychiatric hospital, she committed suicide.

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