Jerald M. Jordan

Deaf Sports leader

Jerald M. Jordan, affectionately known as “JJ,” attended Michigan School for the Deaf, and Gallaudet University. Excelling in mathematics and science, he showed an early love for the administrative aspects of sports competition. After graduating, he served as vice president, then president, of the AAAD (USADSF). He chaired the 1965 International Games for the Deaf (Deaflympics)—the first Games held in the U.S.A.—and following its success, was invited to serve on the Executive Committee of the Comité International des Sports des Sourds/International Committee of Sports for the Deaf. He became the fifth president of CISS in 1971, holding that position for 24 years—the first American to head the organization. Among his many honors, he was inducted into the AAAD/USADSF Hall of Fame in 1970, received the CISS Gold Medal in 1986, and was awarded the International Olympic Committee’s highest honor, the Olympic Order, in 1995—one of only seven Americans to receive it, and the first deaf person.

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