Art Kruger

Sports leader

Art Kruger devoted his career to enhancing opportunities for deaf athletes to participate in national and international competition. Early-deafened, he attended several schools, and participated in sports at Gallaudet College—organizing, managing, scheduling, and record-keeping, as he was considered too small for varsity competition. He became an authority on Deaf sports, wrote extensively for the Deaf press, and organized national tourneys of Deaf schools and clubs. In 1945, Kruger, Edward C. Carney, Alexander Fleischman, Thomas Elliott, and other notables founded the American Athletic Association of the Deaf (now USA Deaf Sports Federation). As Team Director, Kruger, an indefatigable fundraiser, spearheaded the World Deaf Games’ U.S. Committee; 1957 marked the first time Deaf athletes from the States participated. In 1954, he was inducted into the AAAD Hall of Fame as its first “Leader/Sports Writer.”

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