Mike Lamitola

Theater maven

Teacher, actor, playwright, storyteller, and advocate, Mike Lamitola was devoted to ASL theater. After earning his degree in Social Work from RIT, he toured with the NTD as an actor. He conducted numerous theater workshops and performed in 49 states and abroad. He helped found Deaf-theater companies in India (Action Players), Mexico (Sena Y Verbo) and Iceland, and worked with other established companies such as Sweden’s Tyst Teater. Through his one-man show, A Journey with Mike L, he shared his perceptions with audiences. He especially enjoyed working with young actors; he served for 14 years as a faculty member for Gallaudet University’s Youth Summer Program, and taught at New Jersey Council on the Arts. In 2000, he returned to the NTD as Artistic Director, taking charge of its mainstage and LTD productions and its new Deaf Culture Series, and reviving its Actors’ Academy (Summer Program). He was holding this post at the time of his death.

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