Juliette Gordon Low

Founder of the Girl Scouts

Juliette Gordon Low, whose lifelong nickname was “Daisy,” lived an adventurous life. Late-deafened, she learned to use her severe deafness to her advantage. In 1886, she married William Low, a rich English playboy—a disaster. After her divorce and Low’s early death, she met Sir Robert Baden-Powell, war hero and founder of the Boy Scouts, and was recruited into his Girl Guides movement. Daisy formed her first patrols (troops) in Scotland and London, then returned to the States and, in 1912, started two patrols in Savannah; they met on her property. After establishing a local network, she began a national one. Today, the Girl Scouts of the U.S.A. is the world’s largest voluntary organization—and Daisy’s birthday is still celebrated as “Founder’s Day.”

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