Dr. William E. Castle

NTID’s long-time director

During his long tenure as RIT Vice President (Director) for NTID (1979-1994), Dr. Castle brought tremendous skill to his task of leading and promoting NTID. His career at NTID spanned 26 years—10 years as dean and 16 as Director. Adept at political nudging, he put, and kept, NTID on the map. He helped raise NTID’s academic standards, and successfully lobbied Congress for increased support, benefiting students and expanding and enhancing academic programs and research. Among his other affiliations,  he served as president of the A.G. Bell Association of the Deaf, the pre-eminent oralists’ organization, although he could also sign passably well. His resignation on November 1, 1994 deprived NTID of its most colorful and controversial leader.

Photo courtesy of NTID/RIT

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