Susan Rutherford

Executive Director of DEAF Media, Inc.

Susan Rutherford, scholar, ASL advocate, and producer, is probably best known for her innovative work with DEAF Media of Berkeley, California, which produced Rainbow’s End, the children’s TV series for Deaf children, and the biennial Celebration: Deaf Artists and Performers. She says: “My work has focused on the culture of the Deaf community. In 1978 I created the country's first university-level course devoted to the history, sociology, language and culture of Deaf Americans, and together with members of the Deaf community I taught that course for 25 years at the University of California, Berkeley, and at Vista College (now Berkeley City College). . . . My work with DEAF Media has been focused on creating prestigious venues for Deaf arts. And also on being a bridge builder: to make the arts world accessible in a meaningful way for the Deaf community and to work with major arts institutions to increase their acceptance of Deaf art and their desire to serve the Deaf community.”

Photo courtesy of Jay Bryon

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