Dr. Albert J. Simone

8th president of RIT

On September 1, 1992, Dr. Albert J. Simone, previously president of the University of Hawaii, became the eighth president of Rochester Institute of Technology. He took ASL tutoring from NTID’s Sam Holcomb, then signed part of his inaugural address. At NTID’s 25th Anniversary celebration in July 1993, Dr. Simone signed his entire address. Both times, the NTID contingent gave him an exuberant ovation of “flying hands.” He was thus the first RIT president to learn signing so he could communicate directly to Deaf people. Dr. Simone, whose doctorate is in Economics, has taught at several colleges, authored several books and journal articles on business applications of mathematics, statistics, and computers, earned numerous honors, and been active in many civic and national organizations.

Photo courtesy of NTID/RIT

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