Thomas Scott Marr


Thomas Scott Marr was an eminent Nashville-based architect. After working in an established firm and struggling to save capital from his meager salary, he set up his own firm, in partnership with Joseph Holman, who focused on business aspects while Marr focused on the actual architectural work. During their 26-year partnership, Marr and Holman were commissioned to design many buildings in a variety of styles, including private homes, hospitals, schools, a county jail, hotels, apartment buildings, warehouses, theaters, a post office, and a baseball grandstand. Marr was especially noted for his sleek, elegant Art Deco designs. Some of his buildings can still be seen in Tennessee. He was a generous benefactor to the Deaf community, including Tennessee School for the Deaf, whose campus he considered his proudest achievement. Among his legacies is TSD’s Marr Memorial Library.

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