Laura Redden Searing

Author and poet

Laura Catherine Redden Searing was a writer who enjoyed breaking stereotypes. It was commonly supposed that deaf people couldn’t write poetry. She wrote sophisticated verses with flawless, regular rhythm and rhymes. It was difficult for women to be taken seriously as journalists. Using the pen name “Howard Glyndon,” she embarked on a career in journalism and biography, and during the Civil War, worked as a war correspondent, and traveled in Europe. She conducted her interviews through her preferred method, paper-and-pencil. It was no secret that Glyndon was actually a woman. Several books—collected biographies and poems—were published during the 1860s and 1870s. In 1872, “Glyndon” was chosen as the name of a new railroad town in Minnesota. It’s probably the nation’s first town named after a woman writer in her lifetime. Long forgotten, Searing is finally being rediscovered.

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