T. Alan Hurwitz

CEO/Dean of NTID

Son of deaf parents, Dr. Hurwitz grew up in a house that emphasized literacy, learning, and the value of work. He attended Central Institute for the Deaf in St. Louis, Missouri, and public schools, and earned his B.S. from Washington University (St. Louis), and his M.S. from St. Louis University, both in Electrical Engineering, and his doctorate in Teaching and Curriculum from University of Rochester. Having held numerous jobs, small and large, notably electronics engineer and senior numerical-control programmer at McDonnell Douglas Corporation, he joined the NTID faculty in 1970, teaching Mathematics, Electronics, and Computer Science. He became NTID’s first deaf dean in 1998. In Fall 2004, RIT President Simone appointed him to the newly-combined position of NTID Dean and RIT Vice President for NTID.

Photo courtesy of RIT/NTID

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